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How do I update my own user details? | Name | Telephony | Wi-Fi Account | User Account (portal and app)

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Both occupier users and occupier admins can use the portal to view and manage their own basic user details. If essensys manage your telephony services, you can also update the extension features (user and call features) associated with your phone.

Tip: You cannot edit your Wi-Fi account or user account details from this page. Occupier admins can edit these details in the User management page. See User management.

View and edit my profile

  1. From the main menu, click My profile.
    The My profile page opens. Your basic profile details are visible in the page.

  2. View your current profile details in the read-only view.
    The read-only view shows all of the basic settings for your profile, your Wi-Fi account details, and your telephony details.

    • If your account is ACTIVE, you can use the Set password option in the Wi-Fi account panel to update the password used when connecting private devices to the Wi-Fi Secure network. For more information, see Wi-Fi account details.

    • In the Telephony panel, you can view the Default PIN by hovering over the option, and you can Reset PIN or Logout of your handset (Handset logout) using the available icons. For more information, see Telephony details.

  3. To update your profile details, click Edit.
    Edit your basic details and, if you are a Telephony user, some of your phone number features. For details of the fields, see My profile page.
    ​Note: It is not possible to update your email address after your user has been created. It is also not possible to update your Wi-Fi account or User account details in this page. However, if you are an occupier admin, you can update Wi-Fi account and User account details for yourself and other users in User management.

  4. Once you have completed your changes, click Save changes.

Your changes are saved. Changes to your phone number features are applied.

My profile page

User details



First name

Your first name.

Last name

Your last name.


Your contact mobile number.

Direct line

Your contact land line number.


Your unique email address.

Note: This value cannot be edited after creation.

Job title

Your job title. This value is recorded for information only.


The language that your portal is displayed in by default.

Wi-Fi account details (read only)

Your Wi-Fi account is used when connecting your private devices (laptops, mobiles, and so on) to the Wi-Fi Secure network. This is your private password-secured account.

Tip: If you are an occupier admin, you can also connect shared devices to the Wi-Fi. Shared devices are connected to the Wi-Fi device network. See: Wi-Fi devices.




Where the Wi-Fi account is present and ACTIVE, you can connect your private devices to the Wi-Fi Secure network.

Concurrent devices

The maximum number of devices that can be concurrently connected to the Wi-Fi Secure network as this user.

Note: Once you have reached the concurrent device limit, any further attempt to access Wi-Fi Secure as this user fails.

Set password

Click Set password to create a new Wi-Fi password. Your new password must have between 8 and 50 characters, including at least one digit and at least one letter.

Note: This option is only enabled if your Wi-Fi account is currently in the ACTIVE state.
​Important: If you change your password, you will need to reconnect all of your private devices to the Wi-Fi Secure network.

Telephony details

Fig: By default, the current telephony settings are shown as per the background image (note the status, hover fields, and buttons including Reset PIN). The pictured inset panel shows the fields after you click Edit.

Read-only view




The status of this user's assigned phone number.

This will typically be ACTIVE as a number must be active to be assigned, but can also be PENDING where changes are currently underway.

Phone details:

  • Phone number

  • Extension

The phone number and extension are the numbers that you would call if you were outside or inside of the organization respectively.

Default PIN

Hover to see the Default PIN for this phone number.

Telephony users use a PIN to access their voicemail mail box, sign in to their device handset, and sign in to the voice portal. Every phone number is created with a Default PIN.

This Default PIN is replaced on first use. The new custom PIN is never seen in the portal.

Reset PIN

Click to reset the PIN back to the default.

Once reset, you will be able to sign in with the Default PIN.

Handset logout

If this phone is logged in to a handset (the handset must be one of the digital device types), you can click Handset logout to log out of the handset remotely.

Phone number features

A read-only view of the current phone number features for this number.

For more information, see Editable fields.

Editable fields



Phone details:

  • Phone number

  • Extension

As above.

Call forwarding

Forward calls to an alternative number in different circumstances:

  • Always - forward all calls to the number.

  • Busy - forward calls when the line is busy (when the user is taking another call). This option cannot be selected with Call waiting. When the line is busy, calls can either wait or be redirected, not both.

  • No answer - forward calls when the call is not answered within three rings.

Selecting a call forwarding option enables a field that captures the number to forward the calls to.

Warning: Call forwarding is disabled for phone numbers with the Authorization code functionality enabled.


  • Enable voicemail.

  • Enable voicemail to email. Supply an email address to send voicemail to.

Call settings

Hide Caller ID

Hide your outgoing Caller ID when you call another number.

Note: If enabled, this overrides any CLI number.

Call waiting

Receive a signal that indicates that someone has called you while you are engaged on another call.

Note: This option cannot be selected with Call forwarding - Busy. When the line is busy, calls can either wait or be redirected, not both.


The number that is displayed as this phone number's caller ID on outbound calls.

Example: If you select your main number as a CLI, it appears to be your caller ID when you make a call from this number.

  • Toggle - Enables or disables CLI.

  • Number to be displayed - The number to use as the caller ID. This drop-down list contains all of the occupier's active phone numbers. You can select a number at the same site.

Note: If you also enable Hide caller ID, the caller ID will be hidden regardless of the CLI setting.

Do Not Disturb

Redirect all calls received for this number to voicemail. Where voicemail is not enabled, an engaged tone is played.

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