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User roles within Connect

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Users will have access to different parts of Connect depending on their role. Users within a site can have a role of either User, or Admin. For more information on roles and how to assign them, please click here.



  • See all users within their Client

  • Add new users

  • Edit other Users (but not Admins)

  • See and configure telephone and Wi-Fi services


  • See details related to themselves, such as their own phone numbers and Wi-Fi (if applicable).

Further Detail

The table below gives a list of further actions and areas of Connect that different roles have access to.

* For users to benefit from the to view and edit user features in telephone manager, admins must associate an extension to the user (click here to see how to do this)

** In order for users to view Bandwidth usage, the account must be a residential customer with an Internet service - if you need to add an Internet Service please speak to your centre manager

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