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How do I report on the calls received by and made on occupier phones? | Admin | Inbound / Outbound | Type | Metric | Phone numbers

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Call reports provide a view of the incoming and outgoing calls received by or made by your occupier users.

  • The summary view provides information about your occupier as a whole, describing the total duration or count of calls to and from your phone numbers.

  • The details view (or individual report) describes the calls made by and received by a single user in more detail.

Info: This information is particularly useful to companies who have a focus on customer support or sales, and can be used to assess the performance of individual users.

Reporting tasks

Before you begin

You can only view the Calls report if you are a telephony user who subscribes to the Enhanced call reports service.

Tip: If you cannot see the Reports or Calls options, and you want to view this report, you should contact us.

Accessing Call reports

  1. From the main menu, click Reports.
    The Bandwidth usage report page opens.

  2. From the navigation buttons above the main report window, click Calls.
    The Call report - Summary view opens. For details, see Summary view.

  3. To navigate to the details view for any of your users, click the line that represents that user in the report.
    The Call report - Details view opens. For details, see Details view.

Whenever you change the report settings (right-hand panel), the report in the main editor is refreshed immediately.


  • You can interact with the reports themselves in the main report window. Different options are available for each of the different views.

  • You can download a CSV file containing all of the call data that is currently visible in the page.

Call report details

Summary view

This is the "group report" that shows an overview of the calls to or from phone numbers that are allocated to your occupier. If numbers are assigned to a user or labeled with a display name, that name is displayed above the phone number in the report.

Note: By default, this report shows the average duration of incoming and outgoing calls made by or received by your users today, with the longest average duration at the top. you can change the content of the report by changing the Settings.

Main editor




  • Report name: "Calls"

  • <selected time>

At the top of the page is the name of the report type (Calls) and the details of the time period that is currently selected.

Export CSV

Click Export CSV to download the Call Summary report.

The exported CSV is filtered according to your current settings. For more details, see Settings.

User / phone number details:

  • Display name

  • Phone number

  • Value by metric

Each bar on the report represents some metric about the calls to or from a particular phone number. Each row comprises:

  • A label including the phone number (minimum) and, if available, a display name for the user or group associated with the phone.

  • A horizontal bar that represents the selected Metric for this phone number (see Settings).


  • The list is sorted to show the users / phone numbers in descending order by the selected metric.

  • The display name is typically either the name of the assigned user or the label associated with the number.

Click phone number bar

Click the relevant horizontal bar to open the individual report for that phone number.

For more details, see Details view.





If you occupy a number of sites, select the site that you'd like to run the call report for.


  • Day

  • Week

  • Month

  • Custom

<Selected date>

Select the date range for your report.

Click on one of the buttons to open a "calendar tool" and select the date range.

The currently <selected date> range is displayed below the buttons.


  • Incoming

  • Outgoing

  • Both (default)

Select which calls you want to include in the report:

  • Incoming - Calls received by you (the occupier).

  • Outgoing - Calls made by you.

  • Both - Both incoming and outgoing calls.

Call type:

  • External

  • Internal

  • All (default)

The "call type" indicates calls that are either:

  • Internal - Both the source and target phone number belong to your occupier and are located at the same site.

  • External - One of the source or target phone numbers is not associated with your occupier or is located at a different site.

Select Internal or External to filter which calls that you want to include in the report.

Select All to include all calls in this report.


  • Count

  • Duration

  • Average call duration (default) XXX CHECK XXX

This setting indicates what the horizontal bars represent on the graph. Note that each bar is describing the metric for the single user / phone number named by the label.

Select the option that you want the report to measure:

  • Count - The total number of calls handled by a user.

  • Duration - The total duration of a user's calls.

  • Avg call duration - The average duration of a user's calls.
    โ€‹Note: This is calculated by adding up the total time a user spends on calls within the given time period and dividing it by the total number of calls handled within that period.


  • All (default)

  • Name / Phone number

You can filter the report to include or exclude individual users / phone numbers using the Extensions list.

  • Select All to include all of the phone numbers in the report.

  • Click individual phone numbers to include or exclude particular numbers from the report.

Details view

The details view shows details of all calls made by or received by a single user.

Main editor




  • Display name

  • Phone number

  • <Period>

Basic details for the selected user, as clicked on the preceding page.

The currently period that the report covers.

Export CSV

Click Export CSV to download the Details report.

The exported CSV is filtered according to your current settings. For more details, see Settings. XXX True? XXX


Search on what? Just the number or number/name?


You can still use the filters to the right of the main editor to change the time period, or limit the view to inbound or outbound calls. For more information, see Settings.

Note: Select different user from the drop-down list, or select back to return to the group report.

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