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How do I configure the telephony settings for my users? | Assign user | Set extension features | Log in to handset | Label phone number |

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Manage telephony services. This includes assigning phone numbers to your users, configuring phone number features, labeling phone numbers with a display name, and remotely logging in and out of the digital handsets in your spaces.


  • You can manage telephony details in the user management page if the phone numbers are assigned to users. For details, see User management - Telephony.

  • You can manage your own phone number details in My profile. For details, see My profile - Telephony.

Managing your phone numbers

Before you begin

Whether you can manage the telephony details at your site or sites depends on you being an occupier admin, and the following being true:

  • Your occupier must have active voice services.

  • Phone numbers must be allocated to you (the occupier) at your site or sites. Note: Any phone number that is allocated to you, but not activated, is shown as a reserved number in your Telephony view.

  • Phone numbers must be activated for you to be able to update their details using the portal.

Accessing a phone number in the Telephony list

Open the Telephony page and view the phone numbers that are allocated to your occupier at the first of your sites:

  1. From the main menu, click Telephony.
    The Telephony page opens. By default, the first of your sites (alphabetically) is selected from the site drop-down list. Your allocated phone numbers at the selected site are displayed in the main editor.
    For details, see Reference: Phone number list.

  2. Optionally, use the Site name drop-down list to view your phone numbers at a different site.
    The list of phone numbers is updated.

  3. Optionally, Search the phone number list.
    Typing a value into the search field excludes any phone numbers from the list that include the searched value in either their phone number or Assigned to field.

    The list is filtered as you type.

  4. Hover your cursor over any row to view the available options for that phone number.

Note: Options are only available where the phone number is ACTIVE and is not nominated as the main number at the selected site.

Manage phone number configuration

Update one or more of the configuration options for a phone number:

  • To view the current configuration, click Phone number details.
    A pop-up opens, displaying the current configuration details associated with this phone number.

  • To update the number's current call forwarding, voicemail, and call settings configuration:

    1. Click Phone number features.
      A page opens displaying the current configuration, and allowing you to make changes. For more information, see Phone number features.

    2. Update your phone number features.

    3. Click Save changes.
      Your phone number features are updated.

  • To assign a user:

    1. Click Assign phone number.

    2. Select a user from the drop-down list.
      Note: The list shows all users associated with your occupier. You can only select those users that are not already assigned a phone number.

    3. Click Assign.

      The phone number is assigned to the selected user.
      Tip: You can unassign users by clicking the same action again.

  • To create a two-part label (display name) for the phone number:

    1. Click Display name.

    2. Specify your two-part label.

    3. Click OK.
      Note: If the phone number is already assigned to a user, this value overwrites the user name but the assignment itself is not affected.

Reset PIN

Info: Telephony users use a PIN to access their voicemail mail box, sign in to their device handset, and sign in to the voice portal. Each phone number is created with a default PIN, which is replaced with a custom PIN on first use. This process sets the PIN back to its default value if it has been locked or you want to reset it.

For the phone number whose PIN you want to reset:

  1. Click Reset PIN.

    A pop-up message opens, indicating that the PIN has been reset to its default value.

  2. Click OK to close the message.

The PIN is reset back to the Default PIN value.

Tip: Get the user to sign in to their voicemail mail box or voice portal with the default PIN as soon as possible. When they do this, they will be prompted to replace their default PIN with a custom PIN.

Log a phone number in to a digital handset

You can log phone numbers in to the digital desk phones at your site, nominating the physical handset that rings when someone calls your number.

Tip: If your devices are not digital, you need to log in to the handset manually.

  1. Click Login a new handset.

    If the phone number is not logged in to a device, the Handset login pop-up opens.

  2. Select your handset's Phone ID from the drop-down.
    Tip: The Phone ID for your handset is displayed on your device's screen.

  3. Click Login.
    After a short delay, a message opens:

    1. If the assignment completes successfully, a message indicates that the login process is complete.

    2. If the assignment fails, the message describes the error encountered. This is typically because someone is already logged in to the selected handset.

  4. Click OK to close the message.

The phone number is logged in to the handset with the selected phone ID. The log in button in the portal is replaced with a Log out button that you can use to sign this number out of the digital handset.

Reference: Phone number list

Each row in this table contains details of one phone number that is allocated to the occupier at the selected site. For example, this might be the receptionist's phone number at your New York office.

When you hover over each active number, controls are enabled that allow you to update or view the phone number's details (actions). For more information, see Action buttons.

Header (Search and Filter)




Updates to your phone numbers, either by another user or when you make changes to the phone numbers using the action buttons, are not immediately reflected in this view.

Click Refresh to update the phone number list with the latest data.

Site name

Single site:

If your occupier is based at only one site, the name of that site is presented here and the phone numbers list shows all of your numbers at that site.

Multiple sites:

If your occupier is based at multiple sites, this field is a drop-down list of those sites:

  • By default, the selected site is your first site alphabetically, and the list shows phone numbers at the selected site.

  • Change the selection to view your phone numbers at a different site.


Type a value into the search field to filter the phone number list as you type. The search matches values in:

  • The Phone number field.

  • The Assigned to field. This is the number's display name or assigned user name.

Phone number list (Main editor)

Each row in the phone number list represents a single phone number belonging to you (the occupier) at the selected site. These numbers include your main number, and the phone numbers that are allocated to your occupier.

Static phone number details (left-hand)

The first few columns in the table show the static details for each of the phones at your selected site.



Phone details:

  • Phone number

  • Extension

The phone number and extension are the numbers that you would call if you were outside or inside of the organization respectively.

Default PIN

The default PIN is used to access a user's voicemail mail box, sign in to their device handset, and sign in to the voice portal for the first time.

The user replaces this PIN on first use. The new custom PIN is private to the user, and as such is never shown in the portal.

Tip: If your user forgets their custom PIN or their PIN is locked after 3 failed attempts to sign in, you can reset it back to this default PIN value. See Reset PIN.

Assigned to

Indicates the type or assignment status of the phone number.

Main number:

  • Main Number - The phone number is your main number at the selected site.

    Note: Main numbers are read-only in the portal. All actions are, therefore, disabled.

Phone numbers:

  • Unassigned - The phone number is not assigned to an occupier user and does not have a display name.

  • <Link> - The phone number is assigned to an occupier user.
    The link text is the display name, which typically matches the user's first and last name. The link takes you to the user management page.

  • <Unlinked text> - The phone number is not assigned to a user, but is identified by this display name.


The status of the phone number at the present time, can be one of:

  • Reserved - Reserved for this occupier (allocated), but not yet activated.

  • Active - In use by this occupier to make and receive calls.

  • Pending - Temporary state. Currently being updated by the system, for example to assign a user or log in to a handset.

Note: The actions are only available for a phone number that is in the Active state.

Logged in

The log in status for this phone number with relation to devices at the selected site. Can be one of:

  • Logged in - Indicates that the phone number is logged in to a device.

  • N/A - Not logged in to a device. Note: Reserved or main numbers cannot be logged in.

Action buttons (right-hand)

When you hover your cursor over a phone number in the list, the actions are enabled for any active phone numbers that are not main numbers to your right.



Phone number details

View the current configuration for this phone number in a pop-up.

Phone number features

Configure the phone number features associated with this active phone number.

Note: Includes specifying voicemail settings, call forwarding, and call settings.

For more information, see Phone number features.

Reset PIN

As above.

Login a new handset

  • Log out from handset

You can log the phone numbers at your site in to the digital desk phones, indicating which physical handset rings when someone calls your number.

  • Log in to associate your phone number with a particular digital device.

  • Log out to remove the association between your phone number and a device.


  • The device is identified by its phone ID, which is displayed on its screen.

  • You can only log one phone number in to one handset. If you select a phone ID that is already assigned from the log in pop-up, you will see an error and the number will not be logged in.

Display name

These values are used in combination to provide a two-part identifying label for your phone number. This two-part label is displayed on the device for identification purposes.

Assign phone number

  • Unassign phone number

Assign an active phone number to one of your occupier users. This indicates that the phone number is used specifically by that user, rather than being a shared or common device.

When you assign a phone number to a user, the user's first name and last name are used in the Assign to column.

Tip: If you don't want to use the user name, you can use the display name functionality to override the value.

Phone number features



Phone details:

  • Phone number

  • Extension

  • Default PIN

As above.

Call forwarding

Forward calls to an alternative number in different circumstances:

  • Always - forward all calls to the number.

  • Busy - forward calls when the line is busy (when the user is taking another call). This option cannot be selected with Call waiting. When the line is busy, calls can either wait or be redirected, not both.

  • No answer - forward calls when the call is not answered within three rings.

Selecting a call forwarding option enables a field that captures the number to forward the calls to.

Warning: Call forwarding is disabled for phone numbers with the Authorization code functionality enabled.


  • Enable voicemail.

  • Enable voicemail to email. Supply an email address to send voicemail to.

Call settings

Hide Caller ID

Hide your outgoing Caller ID when you call another number.

Note: If enabled, this overrides any CLI number.

Call waiting

Receive a signal that indicates that someone has called you while you are engaged on another call.

Note: This option cannot be selected with Call forwarding - Busy. When the line is busy, calls can either wait or be redirected, not both.

Do Not Disturb

Redirect all calls received for this number to voicemail. Where voicemail is not enabled, an engaged tone is played.


The number that is displayed as this phone number's caller ID on outbound calls.

Example: If you select your main number as a CLI, it appears to be your caller ID when you make a call from this number.

  • Toggle - Enables or disables CLI.

  • Number to be displayed - The number to use as the caller ID. This drop-down list contains all of the occupier's active phone numbers. You can select numbers at the same site.

Note: If you also enable Hide caller ID, the caller ID will be hidden regardless of the CLI setting.

Further information

  • If you do not have enough phone numbers or devices at your site or sites you might want to buy more services from your operator, and get them to allocate more numbers for you.

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