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Get started - Sign in to the Mobile app (First time)
Get started - Sign in to the Mobile app (First time)

How do I sign in to my mobile app for the first time? | Mobile app | iOS | Apple | Invitation email | Self-service | Experience

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As an occupier user or occupier admin, you may receive an invitation email that invites you to sign in to a portal, mobile app, or both. Download and sign in to the mobile app to manage your own bookings.

This process describes how to download the mobile app to your device, and also how to sign in for the first time.

Important: If you already signed in for the first-time on your portal, use the password you created as part of that process to sign in to your mobile app. You will not be prompted to replace your password.

First-time mobile app sign in

Before you begin

  • You must have received an invitation email to access your mobile app.

  • Your device must be connected to a data network.

Download the mobile app

  • Download your mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

First-time mobile app sign in

  1. Open your mobile app.
    The mobile app opens on the sign in page.

  2. Sign in using the temporary details from your invitation email:

    1. Username - The email address that is associated with your occupier user account.

    2. Temporary password - The temporary password that has been issued for you to use on first sign in.

  3. Click Sign in.
    The Set new password page opens.

  4. Specify and confirm the new password for your user account.
    โ€‹Note: The set password button is only enabled once you have successfully supplied your new password twice.

  5. Click Set password.
    Your sign in details are updated.

  6. You now need to sign in with your new details.
    Your mobile app opens and is ready for use.

Your email address and the password that you just created are now your sign in credentials for your mobile app and portal.

What next?

Get started using your mobile app. For more information, see:

Tip: If you also use a portal to manage your own details, you will use the same sign in credentials (username and password) to access it as you use for signing in to the mobile app.

Understanding the home page controls

Home page

The home page is divided into sections, each of which includes content supplied by the operator or essensys. This might contain sections such as Your upcoming bookings, and your news.

  • Click on any tile to view its content in more detail.

Navigation buttons

The navigation buttons are presented at the bottom of the page.




Returns you to the mobile app home page.

  • View details of your upcoming and completed bookings.

  • Find and Book spaces at your site.

QR code

If you use the Smart access module, you will see a Scan QR code option.

This scanner is used to access rooms at your site or sites.


Send feedback or request help from essensys.

My profile

XXX View and edit your basic profile details. Note: Your profile includes your name, occupier, job title, and contact numbers. You can only edit your contact numbers and job title.

View the current version of the mobile app, and sign out.

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