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How do I book a space (room or floor) at one of my sites using the mobile app? | Book a space | Space type | Site | Terms and conditions

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You can use the mobile app to book spaces at your sites on an ad hoc basis. You might do this, for example, if you need a large room for one week of all-staff training, or if you want to make use of a hot desk in the shared area of your building.

Note: You can book spaces across your sites if your operator made them "bookable" in the essensys Platform, and if they are available for booking at your selected time.

Book a space

Before you begin

  • You must have signed in to your mobile app.

  • You must have access to a site or some sites where space booking is enabled.

Booking a space

  1. Click My bookings.
    The My bookings page opens. Any upcoming bookings that you have made are displayed in the main body of the page.

  2. Click Make a booking >.
    The Make a Booking wizard opens.

  3. Select the date for your booking.

    1. Use the Calendar tool to select the date in the future when you want to book a room.

    2. Click Continue to make your selection.
      The date is selected and added to the breadcrumb trail. The Select a site page opens.

  4. Select the Site > Space type > Space tags for your booking.
    As you click each of your selections, the wizard moves on to the next page and the selection is added to the breadcrumb trail.

    • Space types might be offices, meeting rooms, desks, and so on.

    • Space tags describe the amenities, equipment, and so on that are associated with your spaces.
      As an example, you may use these options to search for offices with air conditioning and a white board. You can select up to 5 space tags for your search.

  5. Click Show spaces.
    A list of spaces matching your criteria is returned. If some spaces match all space tags, they appear at the top of the list. Spaces that match only some of the space tags appear lower down the list. You can see which spaces have which space tags on the tiles.

  6. Click the tile that represents the space you want to book.
    The Book space page opens. The default booking is the next available slot for this space on the selected date.
    If there is no availability today, the start time and duration drop-down lists say Not available.

  7. Once you have selected your booking times, agree to the terms and conditions.
    โ€‹Tip: Click the link to read the terms and conditions.

  8. Click Book to complete the booking.

The Booking is made, and a message is displayed accordingly.

What next?

The next time you open the app and click My bookings, your booking will be visible as a tile in the Upcoming bookings view. Click on the tile to view the booking details and to cancel your booking.

My bookings pages

Note: The screens shown below show the essensys Occupier Experience branded mobile app. Your mobile app will have the same features and functionality, but may be branded differently.

My bookings (list view)



Make a booking

Click to open the Make a booking wizard, and to book an available space.

For more information, see Make a booking.

Upcoming (default)

Shows a list of your upcoming bookings.

Click on any tile in this list to view the details of the booking.

Tip: You can cancel an upcoming booking from the details page.


Shows a list of your previous bookings. The list contains bookings that are in the following states:

  • completed

  • cancelled

Click on any tile in this list to view the details of the booking.

Make a booking (wizard)

The following image shows the pages in the wizard from left to right as you make selections: Date > Site > Space type > Space tags.




Return to the previous page.

Select a date:

  • Continue

Use the calendar to select the date on which you want to make your booking.

Click Continue to confirm the selected date and move to the Select a site page.

Select a site

Select the site that you want to book a space at.

The sites in this list have bookable spaces.

Select a space type

Select the space type that you want to book.

Space types include offices, desks, meeting rooms, and so on.

The space types that are offered are those that are associated with the selected site.

Space tags / Preferences:

  • Show spaces

Optionally, select up to 5 space tags that you would like your space to have.

Space tags are amenities or equipment associated with your spaces. For example, your space might have a white board or AV set up.

Once you've selected your space tag, click Show spaces to create a list of the spaces that match your date, site, space type, and tag selections.

Breadcrumb trail:

  • Selected date

  • Selected site

  • Selected space type

  • Selected tag (#) or +Preferences

The breadcrumb trail keeps track of your selections and allows you to return to a previous step.

For example, if you have selected to book an office but there are none with air conditioning available at your site, you can use the breadcrumb trail to go back and change your selection to a different site.

Note: The option "Preferences" is added to the breadcrumb trail if you do not select any space tags. This allows you to add a space tag to a previous search.

Show spaces




Return to the previous page.

  • X spaces match all of your preferences

  • X spaces match some of your preferences

In the results page, the spaces at the top match with the most space tags.

Note: The matched space tags are displayed in the tile details.

Basic space details:

  • Image

  • Name

  • Capacity

Tip: When you are on the Find a space page, clicking a tile opens the Book space page.

The basic details for the space:

  • A picture of the space, if available.

  • The name of the space.

  • The number of people who might use this space.

Availability bar

The availability bar shows the booking status for the selected space today.

Scroll left and right to see when the selected space is:

  • Selected for this booking (filled).

  • Available for booking (clear).

  • Unavailable (grey).

Note: The availability bar reflects the opening hours for the site, with any current bookings highlighted.

Booking date selectors:

  • Date

  • Start time

  • Duration

Use the drop-down lists to specify when you want to book the selected space.

Note: You can only select dates and times when the space is available.

Extended space details:

  • Booking price

  • Space type

  • Capacity

  • Site details, including address

The extended details for the space (where available).

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Accept

You need to accept the terms and conditions in order to make the booking.


Click Continue to make the booking.

This button is only enabled once you have selected a booking date, and accepted the terms and conditions.

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