Why Wi-Fi Secure?

What is WiFi Secure, and why we use it instead of standard Wi-Fi methods

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Wi-Fi Secure, also referred to as 'Username based Wi-Fi', is the main Wi-Fi product we offer to our customers.

As opposed to 'standard' Wi-Fi networks which simply require a password to join, and are generally using WPA2-Personal encryption, Wi-Fi Secure uses a variant called WPA2-Enterprise, also known as 802.1x. This allows us to provide each user with a unique username and password to be used with a single SSID (Wi-Fi Secure), instead of a shared password for multiple SSIDs.


  • Heightened security

WPA2 Enterprise is more secure than its Personal variant. This is due to credentials being unique to each user. The password doesn't need to be shared or displayed anywhere, reducing chances of unwanted users on your private network.

  • Improved performance.

By reducing the number of visible SSIDs (Wi-Fi network names) that are being broadcast down to a minimal amount, we are reducing congestion on the already limited Wi-Fi channel range. This streamlined set up provides stronger signals and higher speeds.

  • Management and accountability.

User credentials are created and managed on our Connect platform, and passwords are sent directly to the users email address. This allows you to track exactly who has access to your network, and revoke access instantly should you need to. Because passwords are unique, a password reset only affects that user, not the whole client network.

  • Ease of use, wherever you are.

 A single SSID will give you access to your private network throughout the building. If you travel to another office serviced by us, you'll be automatically connected into their guest network.


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