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Logging in and out of Phones

Log numbers in and out of handsets remotely

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It is possible to log yourself and other users into, and out of, a handset remotely from within Connect.  You are able to see choose which handset to log a phone number into by choosing from available Phone IDs at a site, and you can also log a number out of a phone. 

Remember, another easy way to log into handsets is by using the QR login feature on the Connect app!

Logging in or out

You can easily see which numbers are already logged in by viewing the Logged in column, which shows the status of each number. Only numbers which are Active can be logged in, and so a Reserved or Assigned number will display N/A.

Select the phone number which you would like to log in or out of a handset and choose 'Edit'.

At the bottom of the list of options, you will see the Phone login/logout option.

If the number is not logged into a handset, then you can select the drop down and see all available Phone IDs at the site. See below for more information about Phone IDs. Only phones that are not currently logged in are displayed.

Select a Phone ID, and select Log in.

The number will now be logged into the selected phone.

Now that the number is logged in, you have the option to select Log out

Finding a Phone ID 

The Phone ID (also known as a FSHID) is displayed on the top left of the handset display when the phone is logged out.  

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