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Adding and Managing Users in Wi-Fi Manager
Adding and Managing Users in Wi-Fi Manager

Manage access to Wi-Fi for you and your colleagues

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To access Wi-Fi, you and your colleagues will need to be added to Connect by your Site Manager. If you have purchased Wi-Fi services, you can use the Wi-Fi Manager to give your colleagues access.

Allocating username based Wi-Fi access to Connect users

Navigate to the Wi-Fi manager page.

Select the users you wish to give Wi-Fi access to and click Save

The users will be sent an email with their username and password to connect to the Wi-Fi Secure network.

For more information on how to access the Wi-Fi network, see Connecting to Wi-Fi.

Resetting Passwords

If a user can't remember their password, or would like to reset it, this can be done by selecting their user in Wi-Fi Manager and clicking Reset Wi-Fi Password

A new email will be sent to them with another set of credentials. Any previous credentials sent to that user will no longer be valid.

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