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Resetting a PIN
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A user's PIN is used to access their Voicemail, and to log into a handset. If a user has forgotten their PIN number, it can be reset.

Resetting a locked PIN on Connect

PINs can be reset via the Telephone Manager page. 

If a user has locked their PIN, an icon will appear next to their number. 

To reset their PIN back to their default, select this icon, and select 'Reset'.

The user's PIN will now be restored to its default value.

Resetting an unlocked PIN on Connect

You can also reset the PIN even when it has not been locked. Select the user for whom a PIN is required, select Features Setup and User Features.

Select Reset VM PIN.

The user's PIN will be reset to the default that is displayed within Telephone Manager.

Resetting a PIN via the App

Users can reset their own PINs using the Connect App.

Once logged in, select Configure, and Reset Voicemail & login PIN. Select OK on the confirmation pop up. The PIN will be reset to the default displayed in Telephone Manager.

Logging in with a QR code

The App can also be used to log in to the handset without using a PIN, using the QR Code. If the feature is enabled at your site, simply log into the app, select Handset Login, and scan the QR code on the handset using the device's camera.

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