The browser Softphone feature allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world directly from your computer or laptop using your usual landline telephone number. There is no software for you to download, install or configure as calls are made directly from your web browser and calls are billed as if they were made directly from your desk phone.

You will need a working internet connection, a login to Connect and an active landline telephone number provided by your Centre.

Please be aware this feature should not be relied upon as an emergency services communication method. The registered address of your landline telephone number determines location based emergency response.

We also offer a mobile softphone application where you can make the same landline calls through your cell phone.

Using Soft Phone

In order to use Softphone, your Connect username must be linked to your extension. To learn how to do this please read this article.

Open the phone

Click the Softphone icon at the top right of Connect, enter the number you wish to call, or the first or last name of the contact, and press enter or click 'call'.

Make a call

Either type the name of the person you're trying to call (taken from your company directory.

or type in the number directly

Once in a call you can bring up the dial pad to enter numbers or pound keys (#) to navigate any automated answering systems.

You can also make calls by selecting the icon next to an extension within Telephone Manager.

Receiving calls

If you are logged into Connect and someone calls your number (DDI), you will be notified visually in Connect. In addition, your web browser will play an audible alert. You have the option to answer or ignore the call.


If you find the Softphone does not work, check these common troubleshooting tips:

  • Are you using Firefox or Chrome? The soft phone only works in these browsers.
  • Have you allowed Firefox or Chrome access to your computers microphone & speakers? You will be prompted by your browser to do this on first use. Ensure you tick 'always allow'
  • Does your computer have a sound card? Are your speakers / headphones and microphone working?
  • Are you on a stable internet connection?
  • Are you on a PC or Mac? The soft phone will not work when accessing Connect from a smart phone or tablet device.

Advanced Troubleshooting

If the above trouble shooting steps are not sufficient to resolve your issues the essensys support team may ask you to retrieve logs from your browser. The instructions for doing this will vary depending on if you are using Chrome or Firefox and can be found below.


From the settings menu select More tools then Developer tools

This will open up your developer console. You then need to enter JsSIP.debug.enable('JsSIP:*'); into the console.

Finally refresh the page and re-create the steps you are having trouble with (e.g. if calls are failing try making a call) and detailed log messages will appear in the console.


From the settings menu select Developer then Toggle Tools

This will open the Developer Console at the bottom of your screen. You will need to enter JsSIP.debug.enable('JsSIP:*'); to enable logging. Note that Firefox will not allow you to copy and paste this command without first entering allow pasting;

Finally refresh the page and re-create the steps you are having trouble with (e.g. if calls are failing try making a call) and detailed log messages will appear in the console.

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