The browser Softphone feature allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world directly from your computer or laptop using your usual landline telephone number. There is no software for you to download, install or configure as calls are made directly from your web browser and calls are billed as if they were made directly from your desk phone.

You will need a working internet connection, a login to Connect and an active landline telephone number provided by your Centre.

Please be aware this feature should not be relied upon as an emergency services communication method. The registered address of your landline telephone number determines location based emergency response.

We also offer a mobile softphone application where you can make the same landline calls through your cell phone.

Connect PortalĀ 

You will need to have a valid login to Connect provided by your Centre.

If you are unsure if you have been provided a login, you can enter your email address and click 'forgotten password'. If you do not receive a password reset email then you will need to be invited. Speak to your Office or Centre manager for an invite.

Ensure your username is associated with your phone number

Your Office manager/Admin will firstly need to associate your login with your extension. Navigate to 'user manager', click 'please select and extension' next to your name and select your phone number. If your office manager/admin does not have permission to do this they will need to ask your site management team to either make them a Connect admin or associate the extension for you.

Using the Softphone

Once your username is associated with your extension, you will now be able to use the browser based Softphone. This is available in the top right-hand side of the screen through a green phone icon.
Green = The phone is live and ready to be used.
Grey = Your Connect login is not associated to any active telephone numbers

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