eFax is a general term for a service that allows you to send and receive faxes via the Internet, without the use of an analogue line. (Currently, this service is only available to our US clients.)

To get this setup in the first instance please speak with your Center Team and they can have this setup further.

How do I send an eFax?

There can be a max of 5 senders per tenant. In order to send an eFax, the user’s email must be on the list of authorized senders. They can request this access from their office administrator or site operator.

To send an eFax, email the file as an attachment (Click here for a list of the compatible files types) to the destination fax number/DDI using the below email address format:

[country code] + [destination number]


US Country Code = 1
Destination Fax Number = 5554443333

To send an efax to this number, you would place the following email in the "To" field:


Example of a sent eFax:

Important: Anything you type or insert into the body of the email will be sent as a cover letter on your fax attachment.

Please allow 5-10 minutes for the fax to send, depending on the length of the fax. You will also receive a confirmation from "" once the fax has been sent successfully:

How do I know if I've received an eFax?

There can be only one receiver per tenant. In order to be the designated receiver, a user must request this access from their office administrator or site operator.

You will receive eFaxes as a standard email from "". The subject will say "Fax Message Attached from 5554443333 – Jane Doe" (where "5554443333" is the DDI of the machine that sent the fax and “Jane Doe” is the name of the user or company that sent it.) The fax, itself, will come as a ".tif" attachment. Here is an example of what the email will look like below:

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