Additional information relating to the voice platform upgrade from Mitel to Broadsoft.

Why are we upgrading?

Whilst the Mitel voice platform was the most suitable solution available when essensys launched the cloud platform and voice services back in 2006, there have been a number of technological developments over the last few years. Following a thorough vendor selection process, our newer platform using technology from Broadsoft has been identified as being best suited to continue to provide leading features and functions, while maintaining excellent service.


Setup and Configuration of Hunt Groups 

Super-users will now have the ability to complete simple tasks such as adding/removing extension or changing the ring patterns using Connect.

Conference Bridges

You can now purchase a conference bridge facility, allowing you to advertise a number to external participants

Enhanced Calling Features

You will now have access to enhanced calling features, such as:

  • block anonymous inbound callers who withhold CLI
  • turn music on hold on/off per extension
  • simultaneous ring, allowing users to have multiple destinations ring
  • outbound CLI presentation can be configured to show company main number or DDI

Voicemail to e-mail

 Voicemail to e-mail is now an automated process and can be added via Connect

Enhanced Voicemail Security

Voicemail PINs will no longer default to 1111 on reset. To prevent unauthorised access to voicemails, the default PIN now matches the extension’s login PIN and will be reset accordingly, also meaning you only have to remember one PIN. The security policy prevents sequential numbers being used in PINs, making it harder to brute force entry into a voicemail.

IVR / Auto-Attendant

Interactive voice response allows you to setup call flows for inbound calls, which are driven by the caller selecting a number to be routed to the right people or groups. For example "Press 1 for sales, 2 for support".

Authorisation Codes

Each client is assigned a unique authorisation code which can be accessed through Connect. You can then setup phones to be an authorisation code phone, meaning that the code must be entered before an outbound call is made. This means you can have phones in common spaces such as meeting rooms, where the code is entered before the call is placed, and the cost of the call is billed back to the client. More Info.

Changes to Note

  • All voicemails and greeting messages will be lost during the migration, so please download and save if required
  • Only 12 speed dial shortcuts will remain programmed on the phone following the migration, but the 2 digit speed dials on Connect can be used for all others. More Info 
  • Speed call dialling updated to offer a greater number of contacts (up to 99)
  • You no longer need to "9" or "8" to initiate a call
  • #31 to enable CLI presentation, *31 to disable CLI presentation (prefixing an 8 will no longer work)
  • Your handset login PIN will now be the same as your voicemail PIN
  • Voicemail PIN reset now sets the PIN back to the number listed on Connect
  • Different ringtone

No Change

  • Existing hunt / ring group
  • Ring indicator
  • Volume
  • Speaker
  • Re-Dial
  • Transfer & Conference

Upgrade Process

  • Centre Staff will attach a sticker to each of your handsets prior to the upgrade tacking place - please do not remove this.
  • essensys will attend on the night of the upgrade from 6pm onwards. You will lose both your phone & internet connectivity while the upgrade is taking place.
  • essensys will be on site the morning after the upgrade in case of any issues / queries.
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