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Connect app quick start guide
Connect app quick start guide
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The  Connect App allows you to:

  • Forward your desk phone number to another number, most commonly your mobile/cell phone.

  • Reset your voicemail PIN

  • See your desk phone call history

  • Log into your handset using a QR code

  • Initiate a call from your desk phone, using a contact in your mobile/cell phone

Ensure you have a user account on Connect

If you are unsure if you have an account on Connect, visit:


If you can't log in, click 'forgotten password' and attempt a PW reset. If you do not receive a password reset email then you do not exist on Connect and you need to be invited. Speak to your office manager/admin to see if they can invite you. If they can't then please speak to your site management team.

Ensure your username is associated with your phone number

Your office manager/admin will need to associate your name with your extension by navigating to 'user manager', clicking 'please select and extension' next to your name and selecting your phone number. If your office manager/admin does not have permission to do this they will need to ask your site management team to either make them a  Connect admin or associate the extension for you.

Download the essensys Connect app and log in with your Connect username

Search your app store for 'essensys Connect' or click the links below

Install Connect on iOS (iPhone)

Install Connect on Android

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