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How GDPR standards have been met within Connect

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Privacy Policy

In light of the new data protection standards we have updated our Privacy Policy and have made some changes to the Connect platform to meet these standards. We wanted to give you an overview of these changes and explain your choices and the control you have over your data.

Existing Users

In order to use the platform you must agree to the privacy policy and give permission to be contacted. The platform's functionality relies on the ability to contact the user not to only for on-boarding and administrative reasons but also to notify users on feature updates.

Existing users will see a message displayed on login. To access the platform please click 'Agree'. Users will not be able to access the platform until they either agree to the privacy policy.

Opting Out

All users have the option to opt out of the agreements if they wish to do so. Navigate to My Account > Privacy Settings.

You will be presented with a pop-up which will allow you to opt out of the agreement, however opting out will log the user out of the platform. When they log back in they will be presented with the original message requesting they agree to the policy.

Inviting User

Connect allows users to invite or add another person to the platform. Within these pages there is now a checkbox which states that the invitee has given permission for their details to be used and to be contacted.

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