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Custom Music On Hold

The requirements for adding customised hold music

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Custom hold music is now available for purchase if you would like to use this service please speak with your Center Staff, and they can add this for you.


The public use of recorded music legally requires your to have a PPL and PRS licence. You can obtain these licences at:

PPL (UK) – 

You are fully responsible for obtaining the licences required for the hold music. essensys will not check if you have the correct licences and will not be held accountable for any infringements of licensing regulations.


Audio File Requirements: WAV file, the sample rate is 8000Hz and the encoding is unsigned 8-bit PCM.

Please note if a call comes into reception, before it is directed towards your phones, the default reception hold music will play, not your custom hold music.

Activating the On Hold Music

Using Custom Music On Hold

  1. Navigate to Client Manager > Telephone Manger & Click on Group Features under Features Setup

  2. Click Browse and select the file you want to use as your Custom Music on Hold

  3. Select the uploaded file & Click Save

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